Is Penis Size Really Important?

Is penis size really important? How small is too small? You may have heard that the average penis size is around 5 inches, yet some may be worried that either their length or girth is they’re not the “perfect size”. We often compare ourselves to porn, rather than exploring all the pleasure we can experience

Be Humble. Don’t Despair.

These are unprecedented times and we as a nation are being pulled tightly.  Tensions is exceedingly high as we wait for word on who will be the U.S. President.  For months I’ve witnessed and engaged in difficult conversations fueled by primal feelings on both sides.  Anger, rage, fear, passion and righteousness have saturated communities across

The Small Penis Survival Guide

The average cock is about 6 inches erect, give or take a little. Fear not, if you’re dealing with a smaller Johnson, it is the motion and technique, not the length that truly matters. Here are some sure-fire tips to getting your partner’s member up to par,  because although they might not at first appear

Codependency is an Attachment Issue

Aude Castagna, MFT explores the reasons people can be compulsive pleasers and caretakers, even in the face of toxic behaviors and to their own detriment.  She offers some guidance around how to start the process of change.   We start Life as helpless infants totally dependent on our caregivers, and we are hardwired to forgo their

How to Have a Threesome, Responsibly

How to Find Partners for a Threesome, and the 5 Stages of Communication Threesomes can be a deliciously erotic experience, but as you bring your desires from fantasy to reality, keep in mind that chemistry and communication are the keys to a pleasurable experience. From sharing desires with new partners, to ensuring that everyone leaves

Roadblocks to Forgiveness in Relationships

Richard Nicastro, Phd, takes a closer look at some of the obstacles to forgiveness in intimate relationships.   Imagine this scenario: Your spouse/partner has wounded you in some way. S/he has now expressed what feels like genuine remorse to you. Maybe you’ve even said you accept the apology you were offered, but now you’re wondering whether

Lessons from Writing Letters to Strangers

Elise Hu, NPR correspondent and Millennial (the “loneliest generation”), shares her need for connection during the global pandemic.  In her worry and loneliness she wrote letters to 50 strangers across America.  A week into California’s stay-at-home order, when our now-familiar mix of anxious, lonely and restless feelings were still brand new, I craved connection. But

Surfing the Crimson Wave: Your Guide to Period Sex

Some have a stigma that period sex is gross, weird, or unsanitary, but in reality, the lived experience is often much less intimidating than it seems (especially depending on where you are in your cycle) and there’s nothing nasty or unhygienic about it. It can actually feel surprisingly liberating, and has some PMS and symptom-relieving

The Slutty Girl’s Guide to Anal Sex

Anal Sex Many women see these two words together and cringe. There are many misconceptions about anal sex , and rumors of the pain and mess that anal sex can cause often scare people away from trying it. If you’re unaware of the right way to have anal sex, the experience can end up being just like the rumors –

8 Types of Orgasms and How to Have Them

While much has been known and accepted about the male orgasm for years, the female orgasm (or orgasm for anyone with a vagina) has been considered a myth, a lie, and an impossibility in the past. It’s now acknowledged that a person with a vagina can not only have multiple orgasms , but they can